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  • Leica GS18 I GNSS RTK Rover
  • Leica GS18 I GNSS RTK Rover

Leica GS18 I GNSS RTK Rover


Leica GS18 I GNSS RTK Rover


Introducing Leica GS18 I, a versatile, survey-grade GNSS RTK rover with Visual Positioning. Designed for surveying professionals to measure points which previously could not be measured with a GNSS rover easily and accurately. Now, you can quickly capture the site in images and measure points from them, either in the field or later in the office. For GS18, I means imaging.

Sensor fusion of GNSS, IMU and a camera come together to create Visual Positioning technology, resulting in a GNSS RTK rover so powerful that it enables you to measure what you see. GS18 I has all the functionality of the Leica GS18 T: in addition to Visual Positioning, users can for example map points with either tilted or levelled pole.

Visual Positioning
Measure points with obstructed view to the sky more efficiently and easily
Capture points you couldn’t reach before with a GNSS rover
Gain more flexibility and control, with no need to use additional time-consuming equipment
Map hundreds of points with survey-grade accuracy within minutes
Capture the scene quickly and decide later, what should be measured – even if the scene subsequently changes or disappears
Tap on an image to measure a point in the field or in the office
Quick and thorough so you catch every detail

GS18 I is an accurate and easy to use GNSS RTK Rover. It utilises highly innovative Visual Positioning technology based on seamless integration of GNSS, IMU and a camera. It enables you to measure points in survey-grade accuracy from images either in the field or in the office. Alternatively, create point clouds from captured images using Leica Infinity to expand possibilities even further.

Designed to measure a large number of points efficiently. The GS18 I allows you to capture images and measure hundreds of points within minutes with no need to physically reach the point. Time spent on-site is reduced and revisits minimised - once the site is captured, you can measure all detail whenever you want to.

Imaging power has changed the rules of the game. By having the power to measure what you see, you can now reach places you couldn’t before without the need to switch tools or climb through obstacles. This gives you flexibility in the field, frees up equipment and crews, truly maximises productivity, and increasing profits.

Capture and measure in the field with GS18 I RTK rover using Leica Captivate software. Ease of use makes data capturing and management clear and precise.

Use Captivate to capture and process data in the field, and Infinity to measure points back in the office conveniently on a larger screen and without disturbances from weather or traffic. Infinity survey software is designed to manage, process, analyse and quality check all field survey data from GNSS sensors, total stations, digital levels, and UAVs.


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