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  • Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser
  • Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser
SKU: 748773

Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser


Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser

Tough and robust the Leica Piper 100 laser housing is made from cast aluminium and is completely water proof. It features a large LED display which shows the grade and level indication and battery status.

It is ideal for sanitary and storm sewer construction, gravity flow pipes and any place where a single line and grade are required with only one laser beam. This pipe laser has a range of 200 metres and grade ranges of -10% to +25%. Standard battery life is 40 hours.

The Leica Piper's bright, visible beam is focused to maintain its crisp, clear spot and size over long distances. Automatic grade compensation easily identifies and corrects grade errors. It automatically self-levels over a full grade range, and eliminates the need to tip the laser for steep slopes.

Red Laser Diode: 635 nm
Laser Output: 4.75 mW maximum
Working Range: 200m
Grade Range: -10 % to +25 %
Self-levelling Range: -15 % to +30 %
Line Movement: 6m @ 30m
Battery Type & Life: Lithium-Ion, 40 hours
Operating Temp: -20° to +50° C
Weight: 2kg
Seal: IPX8
Wireless remote control up to 150 metres (optional)


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